The Golden Compass

I loved reading these Phillip Pullman book, then listened to the audiobooks (which were quite good), and sure enough, now they are making a movie out of it (hopefully, more to follow!)

For those not familiar with the books, you should really go out and at least do yourself the favor of hearing the audiobooks. They blow Harry Potter away, IMHO, very cool stuff.

Anyway, on their website there is a link to create your own Daemon. While most people in this world equate the existence of soul on the inside of someone, in Lyra’s world (where the Golden Compass, Subtle Knife, and Amber Spyglass take place), Daemon’s are a representation of one’s soul, attached by invisible cord yet living on the outside. That’s a very simple explanation, but the point is, here’s my Daemon! A lioness! Don’t be shy, click away and see if you agree this is the same one I would end up with..


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