The Nite Ache

Every evening, nearly the same
Crawling between sheets, alone
crisp cold slips over bare skin
head rests onto pillows
the slightest whiff of perfume
yet there’s none beside me

My arm reaches out
grasping invisible hand
surrounded in softness
drawing it closer
spooning embraces
as if to kiss and taste
the neck that’s not there

Wanting for warmth
visions of touch
where bodies may lay
legs entwined
cupping there, grasping
stroking here, sliding
eager hands tracing curves
as if someone in spirit
feels my every move

There’s that scent again
with no visible source
So I take in a breath
Hum my body surges in bliss
as if being touched

Closing eyes slowly
snuggling down
held on tight
I open my mind
Yet no one is here

Reaching at nothing
the pleasure overtakes me
as I slip into visions, moaning
sometimes the senses
are guiding hands

The body curls in
mind images elsewhere
ears ringing loud silence
heart beats faster, gasping
I surrender in movement

The emotions wander
thoughts are throbbing
warmth come here
just raking it in
mmm yes so delicious
until sweet deep release
then drift into dreams

I linger there
smiling eyes heavy
sighs escape, purring
perhaps somewhere afar
there’s another like me
sharing this moment
giving freely
and feeding

We’re no longer alone
at least, secretly, herein
until tomorrow
and brings again
the nite ache

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