The Village capture/RP sim in Second Life (and maybe elsewhere..)

The Village!

Avatar “Loretta Dallagio” has at least a full sim (on Caladan Island) which she has spent a good amount of time developing and making it a fun place for people to play, called THE VILLAGE — not to be confused with Linden Village, this one is subtitled: Slave Hunt, BDSM, Capture Roleplay.

It’s an RP type of sim based on some Gorean history, as per the “About Land” particulars you would see “Ruins of Heiban, Terre di Gor”, that of itself is a group which harkens to John Norman’s book “Rogue of Gor” page 63, where it is quoted: “Heiban grew up together with RI, AZDAK and TEIBAR to a City called and known as TETRAPOLI” — Yeah, I know, that may be a vague reference to start, but you do get a very good backstory notecard if you visit the sim (which, having not asked, I won’t copy and paste here without permission).

Here’s a bit of technical stuff —ย  If you don’t care, just skip ahead to the next paragraph ๐Ÿ˜‰ We see that there is a second closed group (besides the land group “LAND GROUP CALADAN ISLAND”) named “THE VILLAGE of HEIBAN” — I am guessing this is for merchants, renters, guards, and the like. The main group “THE VILLAGE: Slave Hunt” is open enrollment and this is where you get either prey or predator tags — there are sub-groups for each.

Predator vs. Prey
Mostly, this sim is a predator vs. prey game, the men are predators and the women are prey, the basic premise is men run around shooting the women with bows, eventually knocking them unconcious, whereby a net is thrown over and you bind them, then get to do whatever consensual adults want to do — this is very similar to how some of the Gorean Meter works, but she has created her own HUD and meter for the sim, and in so doing also loses much of the formalities or rules that a by-the-book Gorean sim may have. Looking for capture roleplay without all the book stuff? Then come here. Yes, you can be more by-the-book yourself if you want, but don’t expect everyone else to. I see lots of people running around in human outfits of all sorts hehe, and of course acting like humans or beasts of all sorts as well. There are some limits to characters/races on the sim, but nothing too drastic unless you are furry and can’t be something hybrid-human, e.g., neko or kitsune looking human. Moving along..

The women can throw rocks to fight the men, or even, once captured by the net, they can chose to be released, or not bound, to have their health restored and be chased again, hang out in a OOC area or other safezone, etc. A man can even chose to do a sort of catch and release to the girl, shooting, chasing, capturing, then letting them go and repeating the play with another prey.

Open Hunt
There’s also a variation called Open Hunt — Once a month, the roles are reversed and the women can then chase and shoot at men, capturing them and what not, or you can be a woman and capture another woman if you like. Stuff like that– again, there are notecards that explain the change in rules in easy-to-understand simple English.

All in all, it’s a lot of fun, and seems to be frequented by intelligent, aimable people along with a few random griefers of course, however monitored by guards which are posted around the sim to ensure everyone is having a good time. That said, there are some noobs there but on the whole there are mostly experienced players. This place doesn’t attract newbies like a free sex beach would.

They have script counters before you enter the arena, to make sure you aren’t lagging the sim by wearing too many scripted items.

Scripts can be anything from poofers to gesture machines or wildly animated things, but sometimes you are lagging the sim without realizing. For example, I was wearing a self-adjustable sort of Damselfly hair once, which still had its scripts in it and my script count was way high! This is because the hair has over 100 prims in it, and each prim is scripted for scaling the size of the hair to your avatar’s head. Once you have your hair set the hair the way you like it, of course, you are supposed to tell the hair to delete all of its scripts, and it does, thereby reducing your script count. Most people, however, set it and leave it that way and never bother to delete the scripts, even though you can copy the hair, tweak it, and save it, thus leaving the original intact. The same can be true for any prim-based object that you wear as an attachment which may be scripted, like a cloak or shoes or some such thing.

Anyway, As long as your script count is below 50 or so, then that is very good.

Another thing they don’t like is the use of gestures. A “gestures” is emoting of various sorts, for example, your hand raises and waves, and your avatar simultaneously types “hi” or your avatar goes into a laughing fit of animation and simultaneously types “lol” — With me so far? Now, all over Second Life, people use hundreds of gestures to do all sorts of things, and most of these gestures are like bad radio stations, which play way too often and create a lot of what I will refer to as “audible spam” you see, most gestures will include sound clips that can be up to 10 seconds long, and some longer gestures will contain multiple sounds or music clips. Gestures often also contain lines of text which scroll madly from the person doing said gesture — that may be funny once in awhile with a friend you are making laugh, but in a RP situation, it just floods the local chat with nonsense that doesn’t have much bearing on other people’s RP which may be in the area, so, I’ll refer to that as “chat spam” — both of these are frowned upon in most RP areas. Then there are also animations that may accompany gestures, well, you can imagine how distracting that may be, especially when the animation and text blurt first, followed later by audible spam which your viewer needed time to download and cue up before it could play it (now out of sync with said gesture).

What to bring
Of course, you will want to be wearing your HUD (which is a script) and your chosen weapon, normally a bow, which can be any of the ones listed in the notecard given as you enter. They do prohibit the use of cheater weapons, superstrong weapons, guns that do massive damage quickly or newbie freebie things such as a watermelon cannon, flight or superjump assistance, that sort of thing. It’s a no-fly zone so you can’t be riding a Tarn and shooting prey below, that would just be an unfair advantage. Also, I believe a man running around naked with his johnson hanging out is frowned upon (which also leaves nothing to the imagination) though, the same can be said about a woman running around naked or standing still for that matter (which, also leaves little to the imagination and makes for a very easy target.. is that fun, really? I don’t know, maybe some people like easy prey.. chuckles..)

Getting the lay of the land
There’s a main teleport area that puts you in a sort of sky mall, this is where everyone starts. You must walk from there through her marketplace/mall sort of area following a series of arrows which lead to a teleporter. There’s lots of great stores here! Be sure to check them out! You can use just about everything sold here in the sim below, so if you need something, from weapons to close to love HUDs and what not, you can probably find it there!

Once you reach the teleport area, you will find 2 stations — one teleport will take men to the predator hut, the other takes women to the prey hut, yes, each group has their own group which you must be a member of (membership is free) and you start at that spot, respectively. Each starting hut is at ground level where the “game” or main avatar interaction area of her sim happens.

There are lots of hidden areas to explore, and poseballs all over the place, some are for cuddles or relaxing while others are more erotic, including BDSM, sex beds, leashing poles, and so forth. How much you and your partner (for the moment or for as long as you both want) is up to you. It’s a great place to find a person and roleplay with them at random, no strings attached and no serious by the book stuff, it’s very open that way.

There is a castle, a waterfall, open areas like fields, rivers, bridges, a little town area, a lighthouse, yeah just about whatever you can think of for this type of RP is around here somewhere, lots of great RP possibilities to give you ideas and get the sparks flying! ๐Ÿ™‚

Now go get your Second Life viewer and login to The Village! It is located here (well, almost like an sURL for you, here’s the weblink!)

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