There goes iMovie again

iMovie is a great little program. I use Final Cut Pro 4 to do most of my edits now, but still like the ease of use iMovie gives me for inserting transitions and especially titles! Yes, LiveType is awesome, but its modular nature and slow render time (at least, on my PowerBook) make it impractical for doing a quick vodcast. Maybe the learning curve of using the thing has me stumped. On that note, I have yet to use “Soundtrack” the sound editing thingy in Final Cut, so it’s still GarageBand for me. To be fair, I haven’t even tried it yet. So, even though it crashes on me and sometimes horks itself, I still like iMovie for those quick edits and titles. Of course, it is great for publishing to iTunes since Final Cut isn’t integrated at all with any of the iLife programs. If you watch Episode 7, this one was done primarily in Final Cut. If you watch Episode 8 (all 3 parts) the rough cut was done in Final Cut, but all the major editing, transitions, and audio mix-down were done in iMovie.

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