like a bandit
without warning
love slips in
steals your heart
runs off giggling
as you chase it

then suddenly stops
leaving you longing
exhausted and wanting
Panting and yearning
You almost catch your breath

Love waits
sees glimmers of hope
hints at happiness

When I miss you
such pain
You’ve stolen me
Before then,
I didn’t know
how alone I was
life is empty
with you gone
And I hurt

now you’ve got my mind
my body aches of this chasing
pulled like a magnet
embrace me, now.
Close in the distance
Never let go
Don’t run

I climb the peak
balanced on the edge
brimming desire
teetering on madness
beating rapidly
and then
we fall

The air filled
with butterflies
gasping, descend
searching for ground
about to land hard
then we do
crashing into love
it overtakes us
the world slips away
softness and pleasure
everything right
until love, that robber,
moaning in ecstasy
steals off again

No, I don’t want to hunt anymore
I’ve found the goal
this joy and misery
knowing she’s there
just out of reach,
I keep her heart.

Never forget , no regret
Love conquers all

embraced so tight
I’m deep inside you
You’re wrapped around me
moving and touching
one soul together

How my heart soars
the thief is captured
duration forever
Come together
We’re Home

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