things you think of on the way to work

weird stuff you think of on the drive in to work. this is like a pseudo dreamtime, you are doing this thing you’ve done over and over and your mind sort of wanders, i mean not in a lose control of your vehicle space out sort of way (yikes) just kind of thing of random things for no apparent reason, or some psychological event triggers a memory to surface itself out of the depths.. blah blah blah blahhhhh.. that’s boring you probably, so i digress..

this morning i was driving into work and for some reason i thought of my kindergarten teacher, she was this sweetheart of a gal in her early 20’s, a total free-love hippee expat straight out of the haight-ashbury/telegraph avenue berkeley scene.. and from what I remember she was pretty hot lookin.. though what did I know at that age? so she used to give everyone song books and we’d sit in a circle singing while she strummed her guitar, such tunes as ‘Jeremiah was a bullfrog’ and ‘Feelin Groovy’ — yeah and to tell you again how old I am this was in the early 70’s when hearing these songs on the radio was as common as hearing any number of ‘Jefferson Airplane’, ‘America’, and other goofy songs of the era like ‘Doot doot doot knockin out my back door’, ‘Time in a bottle’, or some such oddity..back in the day when music was fun happy and silly.

where did music like that go?

here’s an example.
as much as I like Green Day,
if I hear that new song one more time, arrgh:

this song’s fame has come and passed
the innocence just didn’t last
wake me up, when they stop playing this song TO DEATH!

i’d take my fathers gun and pass
seven bullets through this song so fast
wake me up when the record ends

here comes that song again
falling from the stars
ears are drenched in pain again…

anyway.. i really thought that was a nice song,
too bad the radio played the hell out of it. that sucks. Now i hate it.
it’s like one of those annoyingly bad commercials
NBC is splattering all over the olympics..


oh here comes another rant. wtf is up with the olympics ‘coverage?’
great we’re the USA and all but do they have to edit out all of the other countries in the cool events, just so they can show everyone what a bunch of losers the USA placing 6th, 11th, and 8th are? i mean c’mon thats just dumb. and that announcer guy freaks me out, i dunno something about his look, all yuppified and never blinking often enough, like some perv staring back at you saying “look at me! I am the announcer! aren’t I cool!” “lets babble about the differences in people and make them sound interesting” as well, they seem to make a point to embarrass people in interviews for the sake of journalism,
“hey you really screwed up that last one didnt you?”
“so hows it feel losing the gold medal, you going to try again next year?”
‘no, I am never going to compete again, my life is ruined. I will die’
“so, hows it feel dying in front of everyone ya big loser?”
‘f-off you nasty american reporter’
“great speaking with you too, we will edit that last sentence out. shake my hand now.”

wee..! I’m going to, uh, get some coffee now 😉

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