Thoughts on health and weight loss and such

I feel the ideal of the skinny supermodel or mis-proportioned barbie doll doesn’t fit anymore.

Thank goodness we’re pulling away from the notion that women should look like twiggy little boys with no breasts (or fake ones, fake tans, hair extensions, fake everything, nips and tucks and injections and augmentations or surgical sculpting and other space oddities).

That said, I’ve often seen that we’ve gone from one extreme to the other — this whole country (and now Canada and the UK) is full of people who are anywhere from marginally overweight to outright obese, which might (or should) be looked at as a disease, because of health risks it creates.

Perhaps then, the middle road is the better path — not starving ourselves, and not too overweight.

Our prepackaged, rapidly prepared foods are filled with additives, preservatives, artificial/synthesized chemicals, high fructose corn syrup, MSG, and other stuff like aspartame, things known to make people sick.

Most seem to forget the simple joys of cooking from scratch because our lives are too busy to bother with it, so we end up pouring junk into ourselves that our bodies were never designed to process.

Yes, modern science is great for fixing people who are suffering from a physical injury, disability, or malformed distortion of some kind, but I think it should only be used up to a given point .. We’re all so unique and individual beings, and most of us are just fine the way we are. Yes, as you age there is cosmetic surgery to keep yourself looking “29 and holding” and I know plenty of people that do, though, there’s probably other things someone can be doing, to keep themselves looking and feeling good, if they only had the resources or knowledge to uphold it.

On a side note, men are men and women are women, one should not try to act, dress, or shape their body as the other, it’s just not natural. When women wear suits with shoulder-pads and slacks, cut their hair short and pull it back tightly, it just seems out of place — it would be just as unusual for a men to gain their hips and bust-line, which we call she-males or transvestites. Is our society that broken? Are we so bent on political correctness, and so afraid of sexual harassment that we have forgotten to be proper, responsible, men and women, and can only cower in some androgynous state of self-denial? It seems only natural for a woman to be soft and sensual — that doesn’t mean she’s a slut, but many women are afraid to show their feminine side. And men, it is only natural to be masculine — it doesn’t mean they have to be a jerk about it — but many men seem to have lost their way in nature, they’ve forgotten what it is to be strong, work by the sweat of their brow, mow the lawn and be the hero and such manly things, they are weak like leaves blowing in the wind. How distorted us Americans have become as human beings.

Back to weight though, I can’t say I haven’t battled with it before myself, because I have — I’m 5’9” and went from almost 200 pounds down to about 140 (using several techniques), and I found myself way too skinny. So now I like to be around 155-160 which seems healthy. I try to remain active and eat the right foods in the right amounts, though I do take supplements because I know I won’t always get everything through food and drink alone. The common-sense things, moderate myself, lower my salt and sugar intake, watching what good fats, carbs, and starches I eat and stray away from the bad ones (at least in small doses, anyway) I quickly lost the weight, and by being vigilant keep it off.

So I may be lucky, I know there’s people who can’t lose the weight no matter what they do, they carry it around like the extra physical and emotional baggage it becomes.

Perhaps I’ll continue this post / rant at a later date, that’s all I got for now 🙂

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