Time for a massive update! Read on!

And we have.. movement!

The new Starlord.net blog has really taken off, be sure to stop in and read my latest rants (if you like that sort of thing). Here on blogger, we just added FeedBurner to Miniology Podcast, as well updated StarLord Mini Podcast (archived now.. but still fun to watch!) … we are hoping that if SMP gets migrated succesfully from dot mac, we will have a smooth transition for Miniology as well, yay! Stay tuned…

My website.. official music and art site for the blogger, podcaster, mac geek, car fanatic known as yours truly.. starlord.net

Miniology Podcast website.. The science and study of all things Mini. Live now at Miniology.com

and for you smart car owners, be sure to check out the new SOCSF, the Smart Owners Club of San Francisco. All the latest smart news from around the world is posted on the main page, and we have a growing forum where fellow owner/enthusiasts can interact and share tips, DIY info, dealer and parts reviews, plan runs and drives, etc! All happening now at socsf.com

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