Top hits of today..

#1 – Bruno Mars “Just the way you are” — ooh, whoops, I thought this was a Billy Joel cover, but it’s a totally different song. Not a bad one of course, just your normal formula pop tune.

#2 – “Love the way you Lie” with Rhianna and Emminem. Uh, I still haven’t gotten over all the needless swearing in 8 Mile and all his songs sound the same, like he is pissed off at someone and yelling more than actually singing.. but then that’s what rap is usually, songs full of hate and negative crap people complaining how wrong the world is to them, ahh boring. I’d rather fill my ears and soul with something uplifting and positive.

#3 – Rhianna with “Only Girl in the World” – At first I thought this song was skipping but it’s just the way it’s written. All of Rhianna’s songs are starting to sound the same too, which is a shame because she has a half way decent voice now, less monotone, her range has increased over the years

#4 – Katy Perry “Teenage Dream” – Well I just like anything Katy Perry does, and this one is fun too. Probably not as fun as some of her earlier stuff but it’s nice she is still out there doing songs eh?

#5 – Usher feat PitBull “DJ Got Us Falling in Love” – this so sounds like a late 1980’s/early 90’s song to me. I don’t normally care for artists who have strange names like a theatre attendant or a dog, but what can I say, my name is the lord of the stars so can’t say anything…

What’s the purpose of this blog post? I dunno LOL I am off for now … see ya ! 🙂

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