TripAdvisor, yep that’s me!

Besides my usual ranting and reviewing on, I decided to give TripAdvisor a go. It’s kinda the same thing, you review places you have been, and it is organized geographically so that people visiting some sort of destination can take a peek and see what there is to do, places to stay, food to eat, drinks to refresh yourself with, that sort of thing.

If you want to check out my reviews there, cool cool, my member name is CalhounC. The website can be found at, though I should mention that the places people review have to actually be listed in TripAdvisor, so a lot of the very small out of the way, not-internet-savvy sort of places (you know, the ones tourists may miss, away from the touristy areas), well they may never make it to TripAdvisor, unless, someone submits it AND they approve it.

Yeah, I just said, approve it — that’s right, the place is highly moderated, they are a bit picky about reviews and need a whole lot of validation, which is kinda good because it is SUPPOSED to prevent people from giving fake reviews, however, the system seems to be very easy to beat if a place asks their patrons to login and give them 5 star reviews (well, dots in this case).

So, you really need to take the review thing with a grain of salt, if you just see someone rating a place and it’s the only review they ever did, I’d heed it with a bit of caution (just like Yelp!). If it’s a seasoned reviewer like me (I am moving up the ranks, so to speak, and have reviewed a lot of places), well, then the person’s rating and list of reviews should speak for themselves.

That said, you can probably find a few folks that like the same sort of thing that you like, and if they tend to enjoy or not the stuff you do, and they’ve been to destinations you are thinking of maybe going to (or what not).. Well, just sayin.. that seems to be the point of TripAdvisor, to … well … advise!

Cheers, that.

Hope you enjoy my reviews, and if you do, please throw some kudos my way eh?

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