Trying out New World Grid today – Part 2

Well for the sim engine I just copied the unpacked ZIP file to where my other /opt/OpenSim/ standalone directory is, in /opt/ that is. I figured it uses mono so go ahead and run it from the command line. I did just that.

bash:NewWorldStudio_0.6.9B starlord$ mono OpenSim.exe

It spit out the following stuff..

20:29:18 – [OPENSIM MAIN]: configured log4net using default OpenSim.exe.config
20:29:18 – [OPENSIM MAIN]: Runtime gave us 40 worker threads and 0 IOCP threads
20:29:18 – [OPENSIM MAIN]: Bumping up to 500 worker threads and 1000 IOCP threads
20:29:18 – Performing compatibility checks… 20:29:18 – Environment is compatible.
20:29:18 – [CONFIG]: Reading configuration settings
20:29:18 – [CONFIG]: Reading configuration file /opt/NewWorldStudio_0.6.9B/OpenSim.ini
20:29:18 – [CONFIG]: Reading configuration file /opt/NewWorldStudio_0.6.9B/config-include/Grid.ini
20:29:18 – [CONFIG]: Reading configuration file /opt/NewWorldStudio_0.6.9B/config-include/GridCommon.ini
20:29:18 – [CONFIG]: Reading configuration file /opt/NewWorldStudio_0.6.9B/config-include/FlotsamCache.ini
20:29:18 – [LOGGING]: Logging started to file /opt/NewWorldStudio_0.6.9B/OpenSim.log
20:29:18 – [OPENSIM MAIN]: Using async_call_method SmartThreadPool
20:29:18 – [STARTUP]: Beginning startup processing20:29:18 – [STARTUP]: Version: OpenSim 0.6.9 (Post_Fixes)
20:29:18 – ====================================================================
20:29:18 – ========================= STARTING OPENSIM =========================
20:29:18 – ====================================================================
20:29:18 – [OPENSIM MAIN]: Running in grid mode20:29:18 – [DATASTORE]: Attempting to load OpenSim.Data.SQLite.dll
20:29:18 – [ESTATE DB]: Sqlite – connecting: URI=file:OpenSim.db,version=3
20:29:19 – [MIGRATIONS]: Creating migrations at version 1
20:29:19 – [MIGRATIONS]: EstateStore up to date, no migrations to apply
20:29:19 – [SQLITE REGION DB]: Sqlite – connecting: URI=file:OpenSim.db,version=3
20:29:19 – [MIGRATIONS] Upgrading RegionStore to latest revision.
20:29:19 – [MIGRATIONS] NOTE: this may take a while, don’t interupt this process!
20:29:19 – [MIGRATIONS]: Creating RegionStore at version 1

20:29:19 – [MIGRATIONS]: Updating RegionStore to version 18
20:29:19 – [SQLITE REGION DB]: Caught fill error on prims table
20:29:19 – [SQLITE REGION DB]: Caught fill error on primshapes table
20:29:19 – [SQLITE REGION DB]: Caught fill error on primitems table
20:29:19 – [SQLITE REGION DB]: Caught fill error on terrain table
20:29:19 – [SQLITE REGION DB]: Caught fill error on land table
20:29:19 – [SQLITE REGION DB]: Caught fill error on landaccesslist table
20:29:19 – [SQLITE REGION DB]: Caught fill error on regionsettings table
20:29:19 – [DATASTORE]: Added IRegionDataStore Interface
20:29:19 – [CLIENTSTACK]: Attempting to load OpenSim.Region.ClientStack.LindenUDP.dll
20:29:19 – [CLIENTSTACK]: Added IClientNetworkServer Interface
20:29:19 – [REGION SERVER]: Starting HTTP server on port 9000Console log level is ALL
20:29:19 – [PLUGINS]: Initializing addin manager
20:29:21 – [PLUGINS]: Loading extension point /OpenSim/Startup
20:29:21 – [PLUGINS]: Trying plugin /OpenSim/Startup/RestRegions
20:29:21 – [PLUGINS]: Plugin Loaded: OpenSim.ApplicationPlugins.Rest.Regions
20:29:22 – [PLUGINS]: Trying plugin /OpenSim/Startup/RemoteController
20:29:22 – [PLUGINS]: Plugin Loaded: OpenSim.ApplicationPlugins.RemoteController
20:29:22 – [PLUGINS]: Trying plugin /OpenSim/Startup/RemoteController
20:29:22 – [PLUGINS]: Plugin Loaded: OpenSim.ApplicationPlugins.NewWorldStudio
20:29:22 – [PLUGINS]: Trying plugin /OpenSim/Startup/RegionModulesController
20:29:22 – [PLUGINS]: Plugin Loaded: OpenSim.ApplicationPlugins.RegionModulesController
20:29:22 – [PLUGINS]: Trying plugin /OpenSim/Startup/RestInventory
20:29:22 – [PLUGINS]: Plugin Loaded: OpenSim.ApplicationPlugins.Rest.Inventory
20:29:22 – [PLUGINS]: Trying plugin /OpenSim/Startup/CreateCommsManager
20:29:22 – [PLUGINS]: Plugin Loaded: OpenSim.ApplicationPlugins.CreateCommsManager
20:29:22 – [PLUGINS]: Trying plugin /OpenSim/Startup/LoadRegions
20:29:22 – [PLUGINS]: Plugin Loaded: OpenSim.ApplicationPlugins.LoadRegions
20:29:22 – New World Studio – NWS 0.6.9.B
20:29:22 – [NewWorldStudio]: Checking installation legitimity
20:29:22 – [NewWorldStudio]: Detected platform type is Unix
20:29:22 – [NewWorldStudio]: Initilializing
20:29:22 – [NewWorldStudio]: Adding connectivity handler
20:29:22 – [NewWorldStudio]: Checking auto login
20:29:22 – [NewWorldStudio]: Loading language
20:29:22 – [NewWorldStudio]: Checking New World Studio version
20:29:22 – [NewWorldStudio]: Checking network settings
20:29:22 – [NewWorldStudio]: Starting MAIN GUI

Then I got a GUI window which froze up, eventually asking for a login first and last name and password..

I couldn’t get my pinwheel of death to stop spinning so decided to just kill the process using Force Quit on the Mac …

I then tried to boot it up again, and same issue. Well that about does it for my trial into running New World Grid until this can be fixed or I get ahold of some better documentation.

Perhaps if I do get past that initial hurdle, their easy-peasy setup will reveal itself to me.

Perhaps I will try and build for OSgrid or another service… hmm… Well, best thing to do would be to get online to their grid when they have some volunteers (hopefully Mac people who have installed their own regions successfully?!) and give this another go.

Update: I changed the ini file to auto-login (default is FALSE, just change it to TRUE and populate the first, last, and password with your values) and it appears to have started the sim correctly..

Yes indeedy, it appears to.. so I went into my Imprudence viewer and attempting to reach my sim inworld (on the grid..)

So, I can see Islandia4 on the world map:

so far that is great news.

The bad news is, I can’t teleport there, and I get this message:

Could not teleport – Destination is not accepting teleports. Cannot contact remote region.

So I will try and connect locally and see if that works..

Nope, that didn’t work. Login failed right from the get-go. No login to localhost.

Well so I have a region up and running and the world map can see it, but I can’t login to it at this point.

I do see some other Mac people with regions setup on New World Grid, who had the same issue with the GUI that I did (this is a problem with Mono actually horking on some of the .NET libraries thanks to Microsoft.. blame them..)

Do a google search and you will find some forum posts about it, well thus far support and info for Linux and Mac users on New World Grid isn’t so extensive. They are primarily a Windows shop but don’t seem to be particularly hostile about other platforms, just a bit out of the loop as to the particulars that make things work under the hood.

One issue I haven’t touched on is NAT loopback, I don’t know if my 2wire DSL router supports that out of the box or if it needs some custom configuration or not, but that would more so be an issue if others could reach my sim, yet I wasn’t able to… at this point NOBODY can apparently reach my sim.. I’m going to take it offline for the moment until I can get this fixed. More or less, this would apply to me installing a grid-connected sim on some other grids, so may as well work things out with New World Grid. For now..

Anyone with inside technical info about this (say, you run a Mac sim and connect it to a grid without issues..) if you stumbled on my blog / rant please feel free to drop me a comment thanks so much in advance! ( hehe my blog article already is hitting top search results in google, go figure, I must be on the cutting edge or something.. again..)

Update: I got New World Grid / New World Studio working fine under Windows XP. It was very easy to install and get connected to the grid, amazingly simple. The issue was with my 2wire DSL router which I figured out how to work with… More on that in an upcoming post!

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