Turning Ceremony (an example RP)

In my travels I’ve seen a number of good roleplay ceremonies for a turning — you will likely come up with your own, but here is a text I stumbled upon (given to me by destroyed vampire Tash Kaestner, who based it on one from another girl)

You are good role player, you can do better, but this one here could assist you or give you an idea how to turn someone with roleplay, at the same time informing a few things about the game or getting over technical hurdles.. Enjoy..

(Liege and Minion at a place the liege decided to turn at with a bloodtank/cask in sight. We assume the person was fresh or went through the wormwood ceremony and the HUD is acquired… the minion to be wears in the following order, HUD, fangs, stats, and your blood container has at least 1L or you have 5L total basically..

Liege: smiles mysterious towards you now the moment has come, i will finally give you the gift of the night, the kiss that will end your life and enter you into the ranks of the undead. First of all, i will now drain you of your blood.

(liege bites human, explaining that a spike will be used to drain them more quickly, a blue menu box will appear soon, please always accept he highest percent u can see.. use the spike till the minion is below 5% humanity, then take the last drops with bites till the revenant animation starts.)

Liege: Now, you are neither alive nor dead. You are a revenant, between two worlds. To enter the ranks of he night you will now need Vitea, blood that flew once through vampires veins. smiles In modern nights we can use tanks like this. So then, please drink from the tank 5 litres.

(after that make sure the tank holds 5 litres of blood, tell them to click the tank, choose drink and then 1.0 litre. do so 5 times)

Liege: watches the unatural energys waving through your body with a big grin now you are one of us, a nightstalker, a predator amongst the living. Undead yourself you walk the nights searching for blood and souls. But we still not done.

(this is a good moment to tell your new minion how to refill the tank, giving u back the amount of blood u want him or her to. some only taking back the 1 litre they had to invest, some taking up to 3 litres, its up to you)

Liege: It is time now, for us both to make a very special covenant. From this day on, i will be your so called liege. This means i will take care of you, teach you the way of vampires and what you need to survive the nights to come. And you will be my minion, obeying me and being ea´ger to learn what i have to give.

(instruct them to look on the HUD in the upper right of your screen. You’ll see different buttons, amongst them is one showing a wheel and a man. Please click it and a menu will show up.. wait for them)

Liege: Fine, now choose in the menu Clan and then set liege, don’t click on Done yet ! instead enter in your chat /666 and then my name exactly as it is written.

(for example, they can type “/666 StarLord Scribe” to Liege to me 😉

(the stat viewer changes to show the clan title, Atrum Infero)

(now, you take them to one of the clan lands, show them around, give them some gifts, add them to the proper groups, etc… congratulations you have a new minion. take good care of them!)

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