Tusk video posted to Vimeo

In memory of Second Life’s Tusk sim (as created by Amberly Kinsella) from Christopher Calhoun on Vimeo.

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to this project, especially Amberly Kinsella, the original creator goddess of the world of Tusk!


Shortly before Tusk closed up, I began a machinima project to capture the beauty and roleplay experiences at Tusk (once a virtual world/sim in LindenLab’s SL grid)

However, the island was hit by a large meteor and sank into the virtual Linden grid oceans..

to rest somewhere in the abysmal depths..

along with hundreds of other forgotten worlds..

whose days are also lost to the madness of time…

Tusk will always be remembered though, her magick, her power, and the memories set there, that and the loving memory of my priestess Satoria Exonar, who has also since left the virtual worlds, seemingly never to return..

Thus, since a full-motion gorgeous HD Machinima extravaganza can not be finished at this time (sigh..)

may I present you the nearest equivalent — a motion slideshow set to an original score.

Music composed and performed live by me, editing by me in iMovie on the MacBook Pro.

Screenshot “photos” submitted by several Second Life residents for this project.

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