Updating the iPhone 3G to iOS4 (jailbreak)


For those who read my last post you may gather my iPhone was fast at 3.0, then updated a bit to 3.1.2, and all the while fully jailbroken (which means I can run apps from the iTunes App store as well other apps people have made under the iPhone’s debian-esq OS (ala Cydia from the iPhone Dev Team).. and worldwide unlocked (meaning I can put any sim chip into the iPhone and use service outside of AT&T or other ‘locked’ carriers as decided by .. hmm, who? I don’t know ..)


I don’t recommend anyone jailbreak or unlock their phone unless you know what you’re doing and have some valid sort of reason to do so. Me, I am a developer and have a USA phone which was locked to AT&T, now unlocked so I can use it with other carriers up here in Canada. Also, being a bit of a UNIX head I want to be able to SSH or otherwise drop into a shell on the phone to manage development stuff or non-standard apps which I may build and/or install on the device πŸ™‚

Well today I just decided to take the jump and go to iOS4 the “new” and updated OS for iPhone (technically, it’s the same OS just with a new name, with several features reworked, 100+ new features depending on the model of device you have)

How the update went:

Step 1: Download the 4.0 ROM ipsw file

Step 2: Download the Pwnage tool for said 4.0 update

Step 3: Run pwnage, tell it to use the downloaded ROM, and let her go

Step 4: Once the new custom ipsw is build, put phone into recovery/DFU mode

Step 5: Launch iTunes, let them scan the device to tell Apple/whoever its a iPhone 3G, and then alt/option click to load the restore file to the device.

Step 6: iTunes updates the device, then reboots it. (I notice I have an Apple on reboot and not a pineapple, but I see the new bubbly background already, and the title bar as returned to being a clock (I was using MIM to make it say ‘StarLord’s iPhone’ before that) and it also seems to complain with a popup saying No SIM card installed, but then I don’t have one in there at the moment hehe)

Step 7: iTunes prompts to restore from the backup of my device, and so restores, setting up the phone (phone says “Restore in Progress” while doing so), all the while my phone is plugged into one of the USB ports on the MacBook Pro here..

Mostly automated stuff thereafter

Once it booted again I saw the pineapple logo then again saw the Apple logo when it was syncing.. it did this a few times, reboot, sync, what not.. pineapple logo.. apple logo.. saw the wallpaper change to what it was before when I backed it up, synced contacts, synced this and that..

Funny enough my MIM came back and now the carrier section reads “StarLord” instead of No SIM or whatever the default message is. bah hah hah hahah. Then it proceeded to sync with yahoo and google and sync other stuff like notes and all that I had on it before.. I notice Yahoo seems to always goof this up a bit since the mapping varies , oh well , sync anyway..

Then Sync needed to get permissions for stuff since it thinks this is a new phone, well its not, but, technically its a new build so I guess it needs my approval to make it all happen.. (so I says yes use my keychains on all of those things again)

Next, it synced my apps over to the phone, technically it says “updating” but really it is syncing/installing them back over to the freshly formatted and restored phone.

[some time later.. ]

So, now that’s done .. I go into the phone and launch Cydia. Yes I know Cycorder isn’t quite ready for iPhone 3G and the new iOS but I guess I can wait, because I know Saurik wants it update just as much as I do (maybe..LOL) .. I scan down to the bottom after it reloads packages (why does his message still say something about upgrading to 3.1.3? Jay should update this to say something about updating to 4.0 eh? Anyway..) On the bottom it confirms iPhone 3G, iPhone OS 4.0, Cydia 1.0.3201-71 and has some hash on the bottom which I guess is important for something πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I go to search packages, find ultrasn0w … bam hit Install … it does it’s thing and installs both ultrasn0w 0.93 and MobileSubstrate 0.9.3209-1 … reboot device … then start reinstalling apps (since iTunes dumps them when you restore the phone, seeing as they aren’t iTunes AppStore apps!)

So, now I am at iPhone OS 4, or iOS4… I am looking around the device wondering what all the big hub-bub was about to update it in the first place …

I’ll use the phone as is the next few days and let you know what I come up with .. nothing completely obvious has stood out yet though.. hmm.. could it be the updates really only matter if you have the iPhone 4, but not too exciting for iPhone 3G users? This I don’t know, and can’t comment about the iPhone 3G(S) since I don’t have one of those either LOL … as for the older iPhone 2.0 (before 3G) as I heard these won’t work with iOS4 very well at all.. if at all.. but don’t take my word for it πŸ˜‰

List of apps I will install on the phone (working or not..)

cydia package manager and featured apps (dtunes, ultrasn0w, mxtube, searcher, mobile terminal (already there)

List of apps I won’t install

Categories (this is part of iOS4 already)

.. do I need Winterboard now with iOS4? We’ll see..

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