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We are in the presence of knowledge that covers a multitude of natural and artificial phenomena,which by its very virtuality and interactivity involves us within an embracing of aesthetics and truth.Virtuality and the virtual as a power opposed to the actual is a way of being, of digital simulation. The self is truly virtual, thus the virtual self can be transformed into an actual living personality.

Casks and tanks, bite and blood, turning and survival allow us to immerse ourselves completely into the image and interact with it. The impression of reality felt under these conditions is so intensely experienced that one can say we are in the presence not only of reality itself but also the simulation of reality. The relations between, the support things give each other, the multiplicities of a full vampiric system provide multiple pathways for energy to flow, for escape, re-orientation as well as self-regulation within the system, re-assessment and deeper levels of consiousness.

Moreover, the absence of physical constraints forces us to judge each other solely by the content of thoughts. Thus, a unique opportunity to know someone’s unleashed inner life is being available to us. The metaphysical dimension of such a place reminds us the interrelatedness of all things, that the natural flow of existence brings us together whether it is the physical “real” or the virtual self.

We spend time together cos we are all cut from the same thread.
We are enormous but undeniably united.
Some may move away but nobody truly leaves.
Once you are here, you are family.

Satoria Exonar

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