Wash (erotic)

My love enters the bath
Her hair flows down
Like a waterfall of curls
And she slides into
Soapy bubbles of the tub

She reclines and closes eyes
As the bubble swirls enfold her
And rests there in the heat
Of steamy scented warmth

The water splashes over her
As hands rub along her curves
She thinks of us as fingers play
Massaging lovely breasts

Her chest rising with her breath
Her legs are sliding up and down
Her arms escaping to the depth
Of sudsy pleasures below

Underwater she finds a spot
Where fingertips can stir
A special place between thighs
A button found inside sweet lips

And she closes eyes again
Slowly stroking herself, sighs
How lovely this smiling beauty

I stand at the edge of her bath
She turns to look upon me
She reaches wet and slippery
Her hands touch my pajamas

Beneath the soft fabric
Something is growing
She pulls down my waistband
As pants fall to the floor

My member bounces merrily
Rebounding and stretching
She grasps me in her hand
Pulling me closer to the side
And takes me into her mouth
While her fingers play below

I reach down to stroke her
Teasing nipples and breasts

She kisses licks and sucks me
And I help to fondle her
Driving passions further
She quickens her pace upon me

And as she reaches climax
Arching and moaning
I cum upon her tongue
And she swallows every drop

She leans back and smiles
Settling back into her bath
I touch her face and
kiss her sweetly

After awhile
she rises from the tub
Her body is dripping
Her pubes glisten bubbles

She spreads her legs open
Rising one out on the ledge
And pulls me into her wetness
Finding my shaft and stroking it

I am erect for her again
And she rides me there
Pressing into my thrusts
We stand together
pounding, slapping skin
She humps ferociously
Like a hungry beast mounting
She yelps and gasps my name
And we cum together again

I dry her off gently
Rubbing her with towels
I smooth lotion on her
And rest her on the bed

She nuzzles me and cuddles close
Tells me how she loves me so
Says how much she appreciates
Everything I do

Then rolls upon her stomach
Her legs spread open again
Across billowy blankets
I lay myself upon her
And she rubs herself beneath
upon the sheets she writhes
I enter her from behind
She winces smiling at the
Sudden pleasure of my girth
I am inside her wet warmth
She bucks into me
as I go deeper
she presses harder, faster,
Squeezes me gripping my cock
And rides me, catching rhythm
Her eyes close and she moans
Her voice is chaos and primal
She grunts loud and smiles
Almost laughing
her pussy floods around me
She cums all over my shaft
And screams my name breathlessly and sweating
She grabs my hands in hers
And rocks with me to sleep

My dreams awash with images
of us making love, so again and through the night, we do, in an endless symphony of sleep and sex, sensual and soft,
hard and rough, they blur and we awaken late in the day,
where I prepare the tub for her
The water flows again,
adding bubbles
scented minerals
candles flickering
my love enters the bath…

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