Weird stuff you can do with Google – Pt.1

OMG a co-worker just showed me this. Cut and paste it into the Google web search. It appears that people with insecure webmail are getting cached by Google or something to that effect, the following bits of code:


Will produce thousands of hits, people’s boring email you can sift through. Thus again proving email is not a secure means of communication. C’mon mail administrators, lock down your systems already. Embarrasing that alot of US Government emails are in plain view, UFO people will probably go searching through that to see if the military really is hiding anything.. just a thought. So random. I’ll write Google about this and see what they say.

While we’re waiting, Matt Cutts’ blog has some information about the inurl tag and what you can use it for:

SEO advice: interpreting inurl

Diggers, slashdotters, etc., you can search for other uses.. that’s about it..

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