Weird stuff you can do with Google – Pt.2

Did you know that, other than searching for stuff on the web, images, and youtube/video, Google has built-in keywords that do stuff? Yeah, heres one: “define” will give you a dictionary search of any word, for example, if you type “define:egress” into the Google search box, you will get back all sorts of definitions of the word from several places, not only that, links to the word meanings in different languages. Pretty cool huh? I also use this for spell-checking words, for example, if you type in “define:buter” it will give you a suggestion of another spelling, butter, along with its definition.

There’s other stuff you can do with the search box that you may or may not be aware of. Use it as a calculator, currency or measurements conversion, maps, weather, translation, shopping, music, all kinds of stuff!

Here, check this page out to see all the funky stuff you can do just with search features.

For anyone that has done any reading about your search options, you may know most of this, but they update it all the time with new stuff. I’ll post more stuff you can do with Google soon as I come across anything else really interesting or useful.

Christopher ‘starlord’

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