Where to sell stuff online?

Everyone knows about eBay, great place to buy stuff online, and okay place to sell stuff too (if you don’t mind the fees).

Fees? what fees? LOL of course there are fees, as you may have read in my earlier post “why I don’t sell my car on eBay” — my wife sells stuff on eBay and pays up the YinYang in fees fees fees… why there are posting fees (just to list an ad, for example it costs somewhere around 75c for a 7-day listing) and a fee when the sale ends (when someone buys or bids highest and wins your item, YOU the seller get to pay a eBay a percentage of that amount.) Let’s say your item sold for $22.95, that’s an eBay fee of 8% or $1.83. Add 75c to that for listing fee. That’s $2.58, actually, more than 10% of what your item sold for when all is said and done, not to mention shipping and paypal fees if that’s what the person paid you with (which, since it’s owned by eBay as well, most people do).

Moving on.. what if you don’t want all that fee stuff and just want to list the item locally online? Well, there are popular places like http://craigslist.org and http://kijiji.com to sell stuff online, for free, about the same time period, without all that fee nonsense. But, that kind of limits your options to a certain demographic or geographic area eh? Yes, it does. And the other thing about classifieds like Craigslist, well, you normally have to deal with people face-to-face and if that isn’t your thing (if you’d rather be secure in your ivory tower answering only for the postal service and parcel delivery/pickup people, then, the free classifieds route isn’t for you).

What else? How about, run your own dang online store?

Well, of course, if you have a website, you can do it yourself. Install a shopping cart, set it all up, and somehow drive people to your site. If you have some sort of store front or good advertising/marketing folks, then, you should do fine with that. If you just setup a store and wait for the millions of people to come knocking down your door to buy stuff, well, don’t hold your breath, it’s a big Internet and metaverse out there, so you may be waiting quite awhile before anyone finds you, let alone purchases something from your new, unheard of private little website.

People tend to trust the big boys like eBay, that’s one reason why they continue to do well in cyberspace.

What about less expensive alternatives to sites like eBay?

Well, you are in luck. A lot of sites out there have popped up (or have been around awhile, go pick..) who also think that eBay is skimming too much off their prized sellers and buyers, so have started their own shopping sites. Of course, a few of the search engine companies have shopping (or have had shopping) sites for awhile, there’s Yahoo, MSN, Google, ah yes let’s not forget AOL .. they all have shopping..

Got ideas? Well, certain sites like http://cafepress.com/ can take your art or photo and make tshirts, coffee cups, or other swag for a modest fee and ship them out to the world for you.. and then there’s sites like Flickr or ZenPhoto which can sell your photos themselves online, but you probably already knew that …

There’s also specialized sites, like http://etsy.com, which caters to DIY folks who are selling their stuff online. Specifically, handmade items that YOU have made (not your grandma or BFF, but, you), or supplies to make said items, or even vintage stuff (a sort of broad category for anything 20 years or older. And the fees at Etsy are better than eBay. They only charge you 20c per listing, and take a modest 3.5% fee — and the best part is, you have FOUR MONTHS to sell your item! Surely that vintage outfit is going to get sold in 4 months.. no more rushing about and re-listing your item on eBay, Kijiji, or Craigslist every week. Nice nice..

It’s nice to have options ^^

Let’s say you are a programmer and want to create programs or mobile phone apps and sell them online, there are sites like Apple’s iTunes/App store, or Blackberry‘s or Motorola‘s versions of the same thing, though of course you are limited to the devices they support, but then most people only code for so many different platforms or devices.. Surely whatever devices you can script things on, there is a site to sell your scripts..  same goes for music, or videos, or desktop wallpapers, whatever! It’s all there if you just google for it (and that goes beyond the scope of this blog post.. as would HOW or WHY or any of the other major questions a good article would go into describing… LOL..) anyway, there’s some thoughts on where to sell stuff online.. Next time you want to sell something online, remember to check all those places out 😉

And uh, sorry if some of those links don’t work, I pulled them all out of my arse LOL .. but they should all end up somewhere 😉

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