Yesterday (erotic)


Wind Blowing
Wafting Cold
Impacting Skin
Freezing Faces
Shivering Bones

Snow piles grow
Numbing feet through
Icing hands over
Hiding sidewalks beneath
Covering across driveways
Feeding streams water
Men with shovels
Grandma makes cocoa
Children build snowmen

Lovely soft woman stirs
Fills all my senses
Speaks with love true
Her voice sleepy tones
Lays in bed warm
Snug in covers wrapped
Closes her eyes shut
Drifts to sleep soundly
Snores along so restful
Dreams of us kissing

I slide in behind her
Gently lift her night gown
sliding the soft fabric up
Raising above her curvy hips
Run my hands around her
Stroke her breasts so eagerly
pinch nipples in my fingers
My cock is hard now
Her pussy wet for me
A smile on her face
I slowly enter her warmth
And kiss her mouth again

I hump her like a rabbit
She bites her lip and moans
Until her chest is heaving out
Her hips grind and buck along
And I come exploding inside her
We hold each other so tender
Till asleep in each other’s arms

I awaken to her touch
Her hand grasps my shaft
Licking me with her tongue
Puts me in her mouth
Smiling lips around my cock

She takes me in
Tasting both our juices
Sliding expertly her head
Giving me great pleasure
Her mound wet again

I touch her
She spreads wider
I stroke her
She writhes there
She sucks harder
Her moans grow
I rub her
Her clitoris throbs
She presses hard
We reach climax

She swallows
Gasping breaths
Cums again
Riding me


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